Old Ending + New Beginning

My internship with Tinybop has officially come to an end. It feels like I’d just started there yesterday, but 8-ish months have passed. I can’t believe it. 

I’ll never forget my time there, my lovely coworkers, or the amazing work I got to be part of. They’re really innovating the educational media landscape and I got to see it up-close (and put in my little two-cents where needed).

Now here I am on Monday morning, heading to my first day at my new position. I’ll be working with kindergarteners throughout NYC as part of this massive research undertaking. Thankfully, the whole month of September is dedicated to training, so I and my cohort of 23 other facilitators won’t be seeing the kiddos until October.

I would liken what I’m feeling this moment to first-day-of-school jitters; I’m full of nervous excitement and I think it shows. Still, I’m ready to see where this next adventure takes me. 

Wish me luck!


The End

Today is August 31st, which means that it’s the very last day of the #31WriteNow Blog Challenge.  With the inclusion of this current post, I’ve blogged a total of 24 days out of the month.  (Not too bad, huh?)  It was a difficult run, with many stumbles along the way, but I’m proud of myself for not giving up.

This challenge has taught me a great deal about personal discipline.  Early on in the month, I was suuuper motivated to write a new post everyday, but towards the middle, I was really dragging my feet about it.  It got to a point where doing almost anything else seemed more interesting or enjoyable than writing.  Even so, I pressed on and kept blogging (regardless of how short, weird, and downright dumb many of these forced posts would turn out).

Not only was this challenge good for me on a personal level, but it was amazing to breathe new life into my blog, which had definitely been falling by the wayside previously.  And because of this, my blog’s followership has more than doubled over the course of this month!  I’m really grateful for what I’ve learned and  gained from participating in the #31WriteNow Blog Challenge.  I definitely hope to continue blogging regularly, though with school in full swing, it might be on a weekly or possibly bi-weekly basis.

So, while this is the end of the challenge, I feel that the challenge was just the beginning of my journey to becoming a more serious and consistent blogger.  I do hope you’ll stay along for the ride!