Doing the Most

I have a lot going on at the moment and in spite of myself (and the exhaustion I’m battling daily), I kinda like it this way. It’s all too easy for me to fall into idleness in the form of an endless cycle of Netflix and naps, so spreading myself a little thin for a couple of months is a welcome test in elasticity.

As I’ve been horrible at blog upkeep (oops), you have no idea what I’ve been up to, so here’s a not-so-quick recap:

  • I’m still interning at the educational media company I’ve been with since January, but I leave at the end of August because:
    • I’ll be starting a new position on August 31st as a Math Facilitator for kindergarteners as part of this interesting longitudinal, NYC-wide research project. I’m SUPER excited about it.
  • I’m taking a GRE prep course because:
    • I’ll be applying to masters programs in educational media/technology for Fall 2016.
    • Relearning math has been especially challenging, as I’d only taken one math class in college (Statistics, in which I got a shiny “D” ), but it’s slooowly coming back to me.
  • I was also planning on applying for a Fulbright grant to teach English in Sri Lanka, but I’ve decided to postpone it for the time being.
    • Maybe next year!
  • I’m on my church’s scholarship committee and we’ve been hard at work preparing for the application process to begin.
    • This is our scholarship’s first year back following a short hiatus, so I’m excited to see how we do.
  • I’m improving my eating habits and exercising (almost) daily before work.
    • I’ve already started seeing results. *flexes muscles*
  • I’m learning how to skateboard!
    • I’ve been going to an adult beginner skateboarding class (yes, those exist) and it’s SO MUCH FUN.

So, THAT’S what’s been sapping up all of my time and energy as of late. I’m literally doing the most, but I’m pretty content with it. The one thing I wish I had more time for is writing. Though, not as GRE essay prep or personal statement drafts; I miss writing fiction and screenplays and random blogposts about nothing. Here’s to trying to squeeze that into my already packed days.


Busy, Busy, Busy


This summer has, so far, proved to be a lot less restful than I originally expected. It seems that I always have something to do. And even when I’m doing the things I need to be doing, there are other things I feel I should be doing with my time, as well. It’s crazy!

I have a summer internship in NYC that I have to commute to and from daily. I have to leave my northern New Jersey home at 7:10am to get to work by 9am. This means I wake up before 6am five days a week. To be honest, I don’t love my internship placement, but I’ve met some interesting people, I’m gaining some much-needed work experience, and I’m earning a very nice paycheck. So, I guess it isn’t all bad.

I also have a 2nd internship, also in NYC, that is less demanding and much more fun. This one involves a non-profit organization that puts on concerts and events in parks throughout the 5 boroughs. Needless to say, it’s awesome and I love EVERYTHING about it. (Sigh, if only it paid.)

Apart from my 2 internships, I’m trying to spend more time writing. Tonight, I’ve finally had the time to work on the screenplay I had begun in my Dramatic Writing class. I only have 10 pages, so far, but I want them to be the best first-10-pages-of-a-screenplay ever, before I continue writing the other 100-ish. I’m working on a few essays for a scholarship application, as well.

Not to mention, I started editing the 700 pictures I took at the Cornell Fashion Collective Fashion Show this past May and will slowly, but surely, be adding them to my Flickr.

So yeah, I’m busy, but such is the life of a college student nearing adulthood.

I can’t believe there was ever a time in my life where I actually wanted to grow up.