What I’ve Been Up To


I realized I haven’t posted on here recently and wanted to assure you that I haven’t just been idling around. In fact, I’ve been doing the opposite and giving myself more work than I need. Since 2016 started, my time has been consumed with many things: work, graduate school applications, a class I’m taking through my job, and trying to exercise on a semi-regular basis. Though, the one thing that I’ll be talking about at length in this post is my 2016 reading goal.

For this entire year, I’ve decided to read books only by authors of color. I wouldn’t say my reason for this is political, but I wouldn’t say it isn’t, either. I’ve just come to a point in my life where I crave the writing of individuals whose voices more closely identify with my own; the voices that are often left in the margins of history and popular culture.

I’m currently on my third read—which aligns perfectly with Black History Month—The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. Du Bois. The relevance and resonance of this piece, more than a century after it was first published, is absolutely haunting and I recommend it to all of you. That being said, I won’t be blogging about my literary journey here. I felt that this project was something that could stand alone on its own two feet in its own blog, so I proudly present to you Books of Color 2016!

Books of Color 2016 (#BoCo2016) is pretty much a 1 girl book club where I discuss my thoughts and feelings on the books I’ve chosen to read. My Reading List, which is kinda all over the place and much more of a guide than a schedule, can be found in the left toolbar of the blog.

Feel free to follow along or join in and read for yourself!



Monique’s Law

“Once you have to do something, you no longer want to do it.”

This is Monique’s Law.

I can’t tell you how many times my interest in completing a task has all but disappeared the moment that task becomes mandatory. My current situation is a key example of that. You see, I should be writing a 30-page novella for my advanced fiction class right now, but I’m taking advantage of a bit of productive procrastination and updating my blog, following a long-ish hiatus.

For weeks, I’ve planned out my story, researched the historical time period, created characters, and gotten progressively more excited about the opportunity to write a longer piece of fiction than I’m accustomed to. Though, now that I’m on Spring Break and it’s time for me to actually put pen to paper and bang out a first draft, I’d rather apply for jobs, or catch up on world news, or do absolutely nothing, than write.

I know I’ll eventually overcome my bout with Monique’s Law, otherwise I’ll fail my class and be ineligible to graduate in May, but I still find it funny how this always happens. For now, I’m just going to continue procrastinating (productive or otherwise) until I feel guilty about wasting time. We’ll see when that happens…

Does this happen to you guys? Do you struggle with Monique’s Law, too?

Nothing To Write About

Disclaimer: This post will probably come off as a disjointed, rambling mess because, as the title implies, I have nothing specific to write about. I’m blogging to get myself back into the habit of writing daily, even when I don’t have an idea or prompt. Writers write and I intend to. So, without further delay, a post about nothing:


It’s been a long, long while, so let’s play catch up!

My name is Monique. I’m a senior at Cornell with one semester left until I graduate.  I’m at a crossroads in my life, transitioning from the faux adulthood of college to the real 9-to-5-ing, health insurance-needing, loan-repaying (*shudder*) deal.  It’s an odd, but exciting place to be and I’m looking forward to the future.  I don’t know what it holds for me, though I’m maintaining an optimistic outlook.

2013, which coincided with my 21st year of life, was a pretty memorable year.  I’m very blessed and fortunate to have had the many opportunities that I’ve been given.  From studying abroad, to a super long summer break, to a successful Fall semester, and capping it off with a nice, semi-lazy winter break, 2013 was good to me.  That being said, I still want 2014 to be exponential BETTER.

I’ll be turning 22 in 4 days, I’m beginning the job application process, and I’m teaching myself to play the guitar. I’m not sure which of the three I’m most excited about, but those are the things that are currently taking up the majority of the space in my brain. The job application part is definitely the most worrisome because what I’ll be doing post-grad is completely up in the air.

This is the first time in my life where I’m not 100% sure of my next step and it’s frightening.  And of course, I’ve made no strides in narrowing down my “jobs of interest” list because, well, I’m interested in everything. I want a position where I can be creative and where my primary job is writing.  That’s for certain. But what type/style of writing? In what industry? Do I want to start in freelance? Do I want to start at entry level and work my way up to a writing position? I’m all questions and limited answers, so I plan on applying everywhere.  At least twice.  (I’m also thinking about fellowships and graduate school, but that’s another conversation for another year or two. )

I could go on and on about all of these nothings I’m writing about, but I don’t want to make this post too much longer.  There will be others.  So, if I don’t post again before Wednesday, Have a Happy and Safe New Year!  I wish you all the best and I pray that 2014 is an amazing year in which lives are changed for the better and dreams come true!


The End

Today is August 31st, which means that it’s the very last day of the #31WriteNow Blog Challenge.  With the inclusion of this current post, I’ve blogged a total of 24 days out of the month.  (Not too bad, huh?)  It was a difficult run, with many stumbles along the way, but I’m proud of myself for not giving up.

This challenge has taught me a great deal about personal discipline.  Early on in the month, I was suuuper motivated to write a new post everyday, but towards the middle, I was really dragging my feet about it.  It got to a point where doing almost anything else seemed more interesting or enjoyable than writing.  Even so, I pressed on and kept blogging (regardless of how short, weird, and downright dumb many of these forced posts would turn out).

Not only was this challenge good for me on a personal level, but it was amazing to breathe new life into my blog, which had definitely been falling by the wayside previously.  And because of this, my blog’s followership has more than doubled over the course of this month!  I’m really grateful for what I’ve learned and  gained from participating in the #31WriteNow Blog Challenge.  I definitely hope to continue blogging regularly, though with school in full swing, it might be on a weekly or possibly bi-weekly basis.

So, while this is the end of the challenge, I feel that the challenge was just the beginning of my journey to becoming a more serious and consistent blogger.  I do hope you’ll stay along for the ride!

#31WriteNow Blog Challenge

#31WriteNow Blog Challenge

I’ve decided to participate in the #31WriteNow Blog Challenge put on by one of my favorite humor/culture bloggers, Luvvie A., of http://www.awesomelyluvvie.com.  This means that I will write a new post here everyday for the entire month of August.  It’ll definitely be a “challenge” in every sense of the word, as I have a lot on my plate: work, other writing I’m doing, and the fact that I have to get ready to return to college (Senior Year!) later this month.  Regardless, I plan on hopefully finishing what I started.  So, here’s to the #31WriteNow Blog Challenge…let the blogging commence!!!

P.S.- Feel free to join in!

P.P.S.- This post doesn’t count as today’s #31WriteNow blog post. I just wanted to share  with you the reason my blog will be especially busy this month 🙂

When in London…

Guess what? I’m in London!

A few posts back, when I listed some updates about my life, I mentioned that I’d definitely be studying abroad in London this Spring 2013 semester. Well, it happened. It’s still happening. I’m here. Now. For the next 3.5 months. Across the pond. Bonkers, innit?

I flew out of EWR (Newark Airport) on the night of Saturday, 12/01 (note my use of the British dating system: DD/MM) and landed in LHR (Heathrow Airport) on the morning of Sunday, 13/01. At Heathrow, a cousin who I had only interacted with via iMessage picked me up and brought me to my building to check in. Then, she took me grocery shopping because I have to cook my own meals (GASP!) this semester. I’m going to enjoy getting to know her and the rest of the British part of my family.

Since I’ve arrived in the land of perpetual grey skies it’s been go, go, go: buying roomwares and food, randomly exploring the neighborhood, orientation events, internship interviews, tourist attractions, class, etc. I finally have the chance to sit and reflect on all that’s happened in the last few days.

However, I have some good and bad news concerning what I’m going to tell you about my experiences.

The Bad: I won’t be telling you much about my British experiences here. I know, I know: What kind of blogger blogs about not blogging about the most interesting experience of her life? Me. That’s who. ZING.

The Good: I will actually be blogging about my study abroad experiences. (Yes, I lied to you.) I’ll be blogging for my school at this link. So, follow me and read about my amazing/horrible/awkward experiences in London. But be warned, as this is for Cornell, my academic institution of higher learning and the holder of my degree, it will be quite a bit more watered down and PC than I usually write. It’ll still be totally honest and insightful, however, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Once again, here is the link to my study abroad blog: London!

It’s Been a While…but I’m Back!

I admit it’s been a long, long, LONG while since I’ve posted new content on this blog. My apologies! The past few (or 5) months have been much busier than I had anticipated, but now I’m back and ready to write. And I hope you didn’t expect me to come back from this long hiatus empty-handed because I come bearing literary gifts:

Later today, I will begin moving my more wordy Tumblr posts, here, to my WordPress! It just seems like the right thing to do. I’ll also be adding some of the other writing I’ve done and posting new and exciting material, regularly. Basically, moniquedeehall.wordpress.com will be up and running once again.

I look forward to sharing my work with you 🙂