6 Months

It’s been six months, six long months, since I’ve last posted anything on this blog and I’m quite ashamed of that fact. The reason for this hiatus/sabbatical/break isn’t that I haven’t had anything meaningful happen in the past half-year. On the contrary, these last six months have housed some of the highest and lowest points of my 22-year life:

  • Highest: I survived my final semester of college and graduated.
  • Lowest: My big sister was diagnosed with cancer and began chemotherapy.

As you can imagine, these two things, along with the hundreds of others that fall between them on the spectrum, forced me to focus more-so on living and less-so on reflecting. But, as these six months have come and gone, I realize how much mental and emotional build-up I have clogging my figurative arteries. I need a release for all of the thoughts and feelings that I’ve been accumulating since April of 2013 and this is just the place to do it.

Naturally, it will take some time for me to bring you up to speed on all that has transpired, but as I’m currently unemployed (I had a FANTASTIC postgrad summer internship that just ended) and on the job search, I have some indefinite free time. So, bear with me as I unload six months of joys, pains, hopes, fears, anxieties, and general weirdness.

Tell your friends: Monique is back and in full effect.


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