Monique’s Law

“Once you have to do something, you no longer want to do it.”

This is Monique’s Law.

I can’t tell you how many times my interest in completing a task has all but disappeared the moment that task becomes mandatory. My current situation is a key example of that. You see, I should be writing a 30-page novella for my advanced fiction class right now, but I’m taking advantage of a bit of productive procrastination and updating my blog, following a long-ish hiatus.

For weeks, I’ve planned out my story, researched the historical time period, created characters, and gotten progressively more excited about the opportunity to write a longer piece of fiction than I’m accustomed to. Though, now that I’m on Spring Break and it’s time for me to actually put pen to paper and bang out a first draft, I’d rather apply for jobs, or catch up on world news, or do absolutely nothing, than write.

I know I’ll eventually overcome my bout with Monique’s Law, otherwise I’ll fail my class and be ineligible to graduate in May, but I still find it funny how this always happens. For now, I’m just going to continue procrastinating (productive or otherwise) until I feel guilty about wasting time. We’ll see when that happens…

Does this happen to you guys? Do you struggle with Monique’s Law, too?


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