My 21st Year

I wasn’t intending to write a post about my time as a 21 year-old until I was closer to becoming 22 (which happens in January), but after talking with my friend yesterday about how this year seemed to trump all others, I decided to push it up a bit earlier.

So far, 21 has been very good to me.  I got to spend the first 4 months of my 21st year being a world traveller, relieving years and years of pent-up wanderlust.  Afterwards, I had an obnoxiously long summer vacation, in which I had some of the most memorable experiences of my life and spent loads of time with those who matter most to me.  It was wonderful.

Though, apart from what I got to do and see this year, what makes my 21st year really special is how I came to feel about about myself.  I don’t know, but it seems like 21 has been the year of self-love for me.  I definitely feel more confident, open, and sure of myself than I’d felt even 1 year ago.  I perceive myself to be moving steadily toward a point where I’m becoming less and less bogged down by insecurity and doubt.  The way I dress, the way I speak, the way I carry myself: I feel like my whole demeanor is changing…and I love it!

How’d I get to this place?  I’m not really sure.  I feel that age and experience definitely play a role, in addition to my coming to the stark realization that the way I’d been living in fear before wasn’t particularly fulfilling.  Also, the strengthening  of my faith (reading in the Bible about how effortfully I was created and the amazing power that I’ve been blessed with and believing it) didn’t hurt, either.

With just 4 months left of my 21st year,  I’m hoping to continue to grow and change for the better.  I haven’t been on campus (save for 1 weekend) at all since reaching this milestone and I pray that a  return to college life doesn’t hinder my development.  On the contrary, I hope it propels me forward, so much so that when 22 rolls around, I can say that it’s even better than 21.


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