Laptops & Life

I know you can’t tell, but I’m typing this post on my MacBook Pro.  Why is that of any significance, you ask?  Well, my MacBook Pro has been out of commission since this past November.  Today is the first time in 9 months that this laptop has been fully-functional and I’m beside myself with happiness about that fact.  Getting to this point, however, was an uphill battle that somehow managed to teach me two very valuable life lessons:

1. Sometimes going back to basics is exactly what you need.

While my laptop was broken, I had to resort to using my sister’s terribly old, terribly slow Dell.  I even had to bring it with me to London when I studied abroad.  It was frustrating to have to go from my light, sleek, fast, and fashionable MacBook Pro to a laptop that had clearly seen better days and was way, way, WAY past its prime.  Even so, in all this, I grew to become more appreciative of what I had.  That Dell was BUSTED (I mean, if I left it unplugged for 20 minutes the battery would die), but it served its purpose.  It was able to do everything I needed it to do and a large majority of what I wanted.  I genuinely couldn’t complain.

The Dell forced me to see my MacBook Pro as the luxury it was.  I had taken it for granted in the past and now I was learning my lesson.

2. Once you no longer fear what you could potentially lose by making a certain decision, what you’ll gain in the long run (the big picture) becomes more apparent. 

After taking my sick little laptop to many a repair shop, I learned that my hard drive was the problem.  For some reason unknown to me, it was failing.  I got different estimates from different places, but the constant seemed to be that no one could guarantee that they’d be able to save my files.  And I had a lot of files, mind you: All of the academic work and documents from my first 3 years of college, thousands of songs, and two years worth of photography.  None of which, I had made the effort to back up.  (Stupid, I know, but in my defense, how many people really anticipate their less-than-three-years-old laptop just going berserk one day?)  The idea of losing everything was overwhelmingly depressing, but after much thought, I concluded that losing my MacBook Pro entirely would be even more depressing.  These things don’t grow on trees, y’know.  I accepted its fate and even managed to convince myself that losing my files wouldn’t be so bad; it would be like getting a brand new laptop all over again.

When I got my laptop back yesterday, looking just like new, I was so pleased with my decision.  What I’d lost was much less important than what I’d gained.  I got my baby back!

And the funny thing is, I didn’t lose all my files, after all.  My dad (bless his heart) bought me an enclosure for my old, dysfunctional hard drive, which turned it into a fully-functional external hard drive.  Now, I can transfer my documents and pictures back to my MacBook Pro with no problem.  As for my music, all of it is still on my iPod, so as the song says, “I ain’t got no worries.”

Life is good.


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