A Bit of Introspection: Just Figuring Out My Life, No Big Deal (pt. 2)

(In response to my flakiness over the past few days: I stumbled a bit, but I’m by no means out of the game.  I’m determined to finish what I started, so moving right along…)

A bit of introspection before bedtime is good for the soul, I think.

The first part of this post was very education- and career-oriented.  While those two things are still very important and pressing issues for me, my attempt at figuring out my life goes well beyond that, right to figuring out who I am as a person.  Personally, I see myself as one of the biggest trainwrecks to ever grace this planet.  Seriously, I’m a mess.  I say the wrong thing constantly, I overthink EVERYTHING, and I’m terrible with feelings.  But all of these flaws (along with the many others I choose not to disclose) are part of the tapestry of what makes me, me and I accept them as such.

That’s not to say that I’m not trying to improve these things; That goes without saying.  It’s just, I feel I’ve reached a point in my life where I no longer care to beat myself up about my shortcomings.  I’d much rather accentuate the positive, than dwell on the negative.  And when I do accentuate the positive, I see myself as a young woman who’s come a long way from who she was even a year ago.  I’ve done quite a bit of growing and I reserve the right to take pride in that fact.

So, while I’m still working on the never-ending process of figuring out who I am, I’m much more content with what I already know.


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