Cheat Day

I’m sleepy and I want to watch another episode of “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix before I go to bed, so here’s the deal:

I’ve decided to make today my #31WriteNow Cheat Day.

How could I be cheating if I’m actually writing a blog post, you ask?  Well, instead of writing a dedicated post about some topic that I find interesting, engaging, confusing, or compelling, I’m writing about the fact that I won’t be writing about anything of real substance tonight.  Do you follow?

If I were to write a real post, I might write part two of, “Just Figuring Out My Life, No Big Deal,” or talk about how much I miss living in London, or profile my favorite singer, Lianne La Havas, whom I’ve seen perform live twice on two different continents.  And maybe I will write about all of these things at  various later, unspecified dates, but tonight, it simply won’t happen…because it’s my Cheat Day.

Thanks for understanding!


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