#31WriteNow Blog Challenge

#31WriteNow Blog Challenge

I’ve decided to participate in the #31WriteNow Blog Challenge put on by one of my favorite humor/culture bloggers, Luvvie A., of http://www.awesomelyluvvie.com.  This means that I will write a new post here everyday for the entire month of August.  It’ll definitely be a “challenge” in every sense of the word, as I have a lot on my plate: work, other writing I’m doing, and the fact that I have to get ready to return to college (Senior Year!) later this month.  Regardless, I plan on hopefully finishing what I started.  So, here’s to the #31WriteNow Blog Challenge…let the blogging commence!!!

P.S.- Feel free to join in!

P.P.S.- This post doesn’t count as today’s #31WriteNow blog post. I just wanted to share  with you the reason my blog will be especially busy this month 🙂


5 thoughts on “#31WriteNow Blog Challenge

  1. I’m officially participating in nablopomo but I saw luvvie’s #31writenow too, not sure if the two will have much overlap. So I’m perusing both. I came in, took a look around, poked in your (A)musings and will come back again. I like these carnivals of blogging because you find new people to read. 🙂

    • I got an email about nablopomo, but I wasn’t very excited about the prompt topics they gave, so I was more inclined to do Luvvie’s.

      And it’s definitely fun to find new bloggers through these challenges. Good luck!

      • Thanks! You too! I already know that I won’t write on any of the prompts but I can write on the theme (hot) for sure.

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