When in London…

Guess what? I’m in London!

A few posts back, when I listed some updates about my life, I mentioned that I’d definitely be studying abroad in London this Spring 2013 semester. Well, it happened. It’s still happening. I’m here. Now. For the next 3.5 months. Across the pond. Bonkers, innit?

I flew out of EWR (Newark Airport) on the night of Saturday, 12/01 (note my use of the British dating system: DD/MM) and landed in LHR (Heathrow Airport) on the morning of Sunday, 13/01. At Heathrow, a cousin who I had only interacted with via iMessage picked me up and brought me to my building to check in. Then, she took me grocery shopping because I have to cook my own meals (GASP!) this semester. I’m going to enjoy getting to know her and the rest of the British part of my family.

Since I’ve arrived in the land of perpetual grey skies it’s been go, go, go: buying roomwares and food, randomly exploring the neighborhood, orientation events, internship interviews, tourist attractions, class, etc. I finally have the chance to sit and reflect on all that’s happened in the last few days.

However, I have some good and bad news concerning what I’m going to tell you about my experiences.

The Bad: I won’t be telling you much about my British experiences here. I know, I know: What kind of blogger blogs about not blogging about the most interesting experience of her life? Me. That’s who. ZING.

The Good: I will actually be blogging about my study abroad experiences. (Yes, I lied to you.) I’ll be blogging for my school at this link. So, follow me and read about my amazing/horrible/awkward experiences in London. But be warned, as this is for Cornell, my academic institution of higher learning and the holder of my degree, it will be quite a bit more watered down and PC than I usually write. It’ll still be totally honest and insightful, however, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Once again, here is the link to my study abroad blog: London!


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