The Invention of the Wheel

The smartest man in all the land,
Was given a special task.
Of his hand, by royal command,
For help, the King did ask.

“Use your head and build,” he said,
“A thing to help me travel.
Or I’ll behead and kill you dead.
Your life I will unravel.”

The man, confused, looked down bemused,
Pondering this challenge to meet.
Then he mused, (more than a bit amused,)
“Had not the King two feet?”

The King, in disdain, went on to explain,
What he wanted the man to make:
“Build me a crane that travels terrain,
My belongings and I to take.”

So, the man worked hard ‘til his hands were scarred,
To keep his side of the deal.
But his attempt was marred with utter disregard,
When, accidentally, he invented the wheel.

“This wheel is great, I must relate
My accomplishment to the King.”
So he rolled it straight to the royal estate
And to His Majesty the wheel did he bring.

The King, when he saw, nearly dropped his jaw
At the sight of this rolling wonder.
And still in awe, he lead a great “Hurrah!”
That ‘neath he and his stuff the wheel could go under.


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