Solo (Cornell Alumni Magazine article response)

Solo (Cornell Alumni Magazine article)

This was one of the most touching and thought-provoking articles I’ve ever read. I can’t even fathom what it would be like to go from a normal, active college student, to someone who is completely “locked-in.”

I think this piece affected me so strongly because what happened to Judy is one of my greatest fears: Having my mind just as active and sharp as ever, but a body that betrays me. Not being able to walk, dance, talk, write, type, chew, and all the other actions we take for granted, yet still having the will to continue on in life makes Judy the most resilient person I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing of.

I’m very thankful for Judy and I wish her well. Moreso, I’m thankful to God that she still has the ability to laugh and dream and imagine herself doing above and beyond the things that her physical body won’t allow.