Something New

This morning on my long bus ride to work, I felt a jolt of inspiration. After finally finishing my scholarship essays the night before, I decided that I needed to spend the rest of the summer writing for fun. Sure, I still have screenplays and articles to work on, but I longed for a type of writing I could do that was relatively stress-free: No editing, no rewriting, minimal structure, just an organic and cathartic writing experience. “Does such a type of writing even exist?” I wondered.

Then it hit me:

HAIKU! The simple 17-syllable poetic form that originated in Japan would become my medium.

During that bus ride, I wrote 4 haiku/s (“haiku” is made plural with or without the “s”) and it was such a great creative release. I originally planned to post those and any other haiku/s I would write on this blog, but another option appeared much more fitting…Thus, the @HeartfeltHaiku Twitter page was born!

Telling an entire story in 17 syllables just seemed to go hand-in-hand with storytelling in 140 characters or less. So,

If you’d be so kind,

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