I Feel the Need to Express

(Originally posted to my Tumblr on Aug 8, 2010.)

I feel the need to express,
To get some things off my chest,
To relieve some pent-up stress,
In my life.

I’m not trying to be mean,
But to keep my conscience clean,
I must be open and proceed,
It’s only right.

Now that high school is over and college is around the corner, I figured that it would be the perfect time to let go of some dead weight. Basically, what I’m saying is, there are people in my life that no longer need to be there. I posted a Facebook status specifically about this matter. It wasn’t directed at anyone in particular…I just felt that it needed to be said. My status read:

“It’s funny. I’ve come to realize that I have some Facebook “friends” that I don’t speak to and have no intention of speaking to again. Now that high school’s over, what connection do we have? What motivation do I have to keep you in my life? Just being real.”

There comes a time when one needs to shake off the excess weight and I think I’m there.


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