February 29th (or March 1st)

(Originally posted to my Tumblr on March 1, 2010.)

I’ve always found the concept of a Leap Year to be pretty alluring. It’s just short of amazing that there could be a day that comes once every 4 years…and everyone’s just okay with it.

No one questions the validity of a Leap Year. It just is. I know it has to do with the moon and all that astrological jazz, but it’s still pretty awesome.

Having a Leap Year birthday is even more interesting…considering the fact that, for example, when 20 years have passed your birthday really only came 5 times.

And is it just me, or was it planned for the Summer Olympics to coincide with Leap Years?

Weird, but such is life. So, in 2012, I hope everyone enjoys the 366th day of the year by doing something special because it is a very special day.


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